Modulair Building

In modular building, a building is created by manufacturing modules in the factory and then assembling them on the construction site to form a complete structure. These modules typically fit together seamlessly.

At Van den Nagel Modular Building, we have developed a modular, permanent solution.


What is modulair building?

Modular building is an innovative building technique that transforms traditional construction methods. In modular building, a building is constructed from various modules or building units, which are first produced in our factory and then assembled on the construction site. These modules can vary in size, function, and design, but they are designed to fit together seamlessly.

Modulair Bouwen

Why modulair building?

Modular building offers various advantages, including:


Shorter construction time in the factory results in faster delivery on-site, leading to cost savings.


Less waste on the construction site and potential for reuse make modular construction environmentally friendly.


Our modular buildings are adaptable and expandable, suitable for various applications.

Our modulair building method


The core of our product consists of a robust steel frame for maximum stability and structural integrity. Above it, there is a solid concrete floor for durability and strength. The facade cladding is fully customizable to your personal taste or choice.


At Van den Nagel Modular Building, we understand the importance of an efficient and safe electrical system. That’s why we offer a plug & play electrical system that complies with the NEN 1010 standards. With this system, you can easily connect electrical devices and customize your space without complex wiring.


Thanks to our flexible wall layout, you can fully customize the space to your preferences, whether you need open areas for an office environment or separate rooms for residences. We also provide all necessary sanitary facilities, a fully equipped kitchen, and optimal electrical distribution with individual distribution boards. Additionally, we ensure hot water supply and Wi-Fi connectivity in each residence.


Safety is our top priority, which is why we install a fire alarm system in each unit. This way, we ensure that your building complies with the strictest safety standards, and residents feel secure.

At Van den Nagel Modular Building, we go beyond just basic functionality. We also offer expansion options, such as stairs, elevators, and platforms, so your building meets all your needs, even if there is growth or changes in the future.


With our modular construction system, we offer you the opportunity to quickly and efficiently create high-quality buildings that meet all requirements. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and create a customized solution together. Van den Nagel Modular Building – your partner for innovative and flexible construction solutions.