Modular Building Waalwijk

Modular building is innovative building

This project comprises four modern buildings that together form a beautiful community of 100 residential units. What makes this project special is the modular construction that offers speed, sustainability, and comfort.

Our innovative approach includes a modular construction consisting of a sturdy steel base, concrete floors for stability, and high-quality sandwich cladding for a contemporary look. This construction not only guarantees a faster construction time but also provides durability and a modern aesthetic.

The residential units are equipped with advanced technical installations that ensure a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. Additionally, the integrated solar panels on the roofs harness renewable energy, bringing us closer to a greener future while reducing energy costs for the users.

Effective time planning

But the project involves more than just buildings. We also pay attention to groundwork and site design to create an attractive and functional environment where our residents can thrive.

What further distinguishes this project is its efficient time planning. With a design time of only 6 weeks and a construction time of 4 months, we quickly turned Modular Living Waalwijk from concept to reality.