Modular building

Modular homes with the aim of: a lifelong lifespan. Circular housing solutions are necessary and indispensable for future construction projects.

What is modular building?

Modular building is a construction technique in which a building is constructed from various modules or building units that are produced in our factory and then assembled on the construction site.

These modules can vary in size and function, but are typically designed to fit together and form a complete modular building.

Modulair bouwen

Benefits of Modular Building

Because the modules are already produced in the factory, the construction time at the site can be significantly shortened. This leads to cost savings and fast deliveries.

Modular building can be more sustainable because it often results in less waste at the construction site and potential reuse of modules for future projects.

Our modular buildings are often easier to adapt or expand than traditionally constructed structures. This makes them suitable for various applications.

Because the units are built in our controlled factory environment, there is usually a higher level of quality control and consistency in the construction.

The Modular Building System

Our product is a revolutionary concept that complies with both the Building Decree and the SNF standard. We proudly present a modular building system that combines flexibility, sustainability, and functionality. Whether it’s housing, offices, schools, or other buildings, we offer tailor-made solutions that meet all your requirements.

With our modular building system, we offer you the opportunity to quickly and efficiently realize high-quality buildings that meet all requirements. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and create a customized solution together. Van den Nagel Modular Building- your partner for innovative and flexible construction solutions.

Modulair bouwen

Modular Building Projects

Market Segments


As a governmental institution, you are responsible for creating suitable housing for various target groups within your municipality or region.


For refugees, finding suitable housing is an important step in building a new life in the Netherlands. Van den Nagel Modular Construction is here to assist with this transition.


As an investor, you want to realize profitable projects with minimal risks. Modular building offers excellent opportunities for fast construction times and cost control.

Student Housing

Whether it’s a temporary student campus or permanent student accommodation, Van den Nagel offers solutions that meet your specific needs.

Migrant Workers

At Van den Nagel, we understand the importance of safe and comfortable living space for employees from other countries.


Our modular building provide flexibility and quick execution, allowing schools to fulfill their space requirements within tight deadlines.

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