Modular Building Zeewolde




H.A.M. Nederland BV


90 modulair units, 6,200 m2


Q2 2022

Market segment

Migrant workers

This accomplished project comprises three contemporary buildings that together form a beautiful community of 90 residential units. Our innovative modular construction is the beating heart of this project, where speed, sustainability, and comfort come together.

Modulair bouwen
Modulair Bouwen

Modular building is smart building

The Zeewolde project is all about smart construction. Our forward-thinking approach involves a modular construction based on robust steel, supported by concrete floors for stability and finished with high-quality sandwich façade cladding for a contemporary look. This not only translates to swift construction time but also brings sustainability and modern aesthetics.

Modulair Bouwen Zeewolde
Van den Nagel Modulaire Bouw

Sustainable and efficient

Sustainability and efficiency are our core values. Our residential units are equipped with advanced technical installations that ensure a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. Furthermore, we attach great importance to groundwork and site design to create an environment in which our users can flourish.

A noteworthy feature of this project is its swift turnaround. With just 6 weeks of design time and 4 months of construction time, we rapidly turned “Modular Experience Zeewolde” from concept to reality.

Een opvallend kenmerk van dit project is de snelle doorlooptijd. Met slechts 6 weken ontwerptijd en 4 maanden bouwtijd hebben we “Modulair Beleven Zeewolde” snel van concept naar realiteit gebracht.

Van den Nagel Modulaire Bouw
Modulair Bouwen Zeewolde

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