Modular Building Hierden




Epe Vastgoed


58 modulair units, 2.700 m2


Q3/4 2021

Market segment


A project situated in the wooded surroundings of Hierden. This unique project comprises 28 charming bungalows, collectively forming a thriving community of 56 residential units. Our forward-thinking modular construction takes center stage in this project, seamlessly combining speed, sustainability, and comfort.

“Modular Bungalows Hierden” is built with intelligent and efficient construction in mind. Our innovative approach includes a modular construction based on a solid steel frame, supported by sustainable concrete floors, and finished with high-quality sandwich façade cladding that imparts a contemporary look. This not only achieves a reduced construction time but also creates a sustainable and aesthetic whole that seamlessly blends into the surroundings.

Sustainability and modern technology are at the core of the project. Our bungalows are equipped with technical installations that ensure a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. Additionally, we pay significant attention to groundwork and site design, creating an inviting environment where users can enjoy peace and well-being.

A notable feature of this project is its thoughtful planning. With just 4 weeks of design time and 5 months of construction time, we swiftly turned the project from concept to reality.


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