Work together Think Sustainable Build Modular

Modular Building: Our Three Pillars

Work together

Together, we are building a better future with sustainability at its core. We believe that pooling our expertise, ideas, and energy leads to innovative solutions.

Think Sustainable

Sustainability is at the heart of our company. We place great importance on reducing our ecological footprint and creating a positive impact on the environment.

Build Modular

With our expertise and experience in this innovative construction method, we offer flexible and efficient solutions for various projects.

Market segments

As a governmental institution, you are responsible for creating suitable housing for various target groups within your municipality or region. At Van den Nagel, we understand the challenges you face in achieving affordable and quality living spaces. Our modular building systems offer fast and efficient solutions that comply with current construction regulations. We work closely with you to meet your specific needs and budgets.

For migrant workers, finding suitable and affordable housing can often be a challenge. At Van den Nagel, we understand the importance of safe and comfortable living spaces for employees from other countries. Our modular homes offer a quick and cost-effective solution that meets all needs. We can deliver customized housing, taking into account specific requirements and capacity.

When it comes to student housing, we understand that often large numbers of homes are needed in the short term. With our modular construction methods, we can quickly and efficiently create student accommodations that meet all requirements for comfort, sustainability, and flexibility. Whether it’s a temporary student campus or permanent student housing, Van den Nagel offers solutions that fit your specific needs.

As an investor, your goal is to achieve profitable projects with minimal risks. Modular construction offers excellent opportunities for rapid construction times and cost control. Van den Nagel is your reliable partner in modular construction projects. We provide flexible designs, high-quality materials, and thorough project management to ensure optimal returns on your investment.

For refugees, finding suitable housing is an important step in building a new life in the Netherlands. Van den Nagel Modular Construction is here to assist with this transition. Our modular homes provide a fast and sustainable solution for offering comfortable and affordable housing to refugees. We understand the sensitivity of this situation and ensure a respectful and integrative approach.

Schools often require additional space for classrooms, administration buildings, or sports facilities. Van den Nagel Modular Construction understands the importance of functional and inspiring learning environments. Our modular structures offer flexibility and quick execution, enabling schools to fulfill their space needs within tight deadlines. We collaborate with schools to deliver customized designs that meet educational requirements and contribute to an optimal learning environment.

Modular building

In modular construction, significant portions of housing are produced in our factory, such as complete modules. These modules are then assembled on the construction site into a single building and equipped with plumbing, electricity, and all necessary amenities.


At van den Nagel Modulair Bouwen, we believe in delivering custom solutions that align with the unique needs of each target audience. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your project a success.