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Modular building is an innovative building technique that transforms traditional construction methods. In modular construction, a building is constructed using various modules or building units that are first produced in our factory and then assembled on-site. These modules can vary in size, function, and design, but they are designed to seamlessly integrate with each other.

The Modular Building System

Our product is a revolutionary concept that complies with both the Building Decree and the SNF standards. We proudly present a modular building system that combines flexibility, sustainability, and functionality. Whether it’s housing, offices, schools, or other buildings, we offer customized solutions that meet all your needs.

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The foundation of our product is a steel frame that provides ultimate stability and structural integrity. On top of that lies a solid concrete floor, which provides a sturdy and durable base. The facade cladding is fully customizable to your personal preference, giving your building a unique look that aligns with your brand or style.

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At Van den Nagel Modular Building, we understand the importance of an efficient and safe electrical system. That’s why we offer a plug & play electrical system according to NEN 1010 standards. With this system, you can easily connect electrical devices and customize your space without complicated wiring.

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Thanks to our flexible wall layout, you can fully customize the space according to your own preferences. Whether you need open spaces for an office environment or separate rooms for housing, we make it possible. Our modular building elements allow you to adjust and vary the size of the space, giving you the freedom to realize your dream design.

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Safety is paramount to us, which is why we also install a fire alarm system in every unit. This ensures that your building meets the highest safety standards and that the residents feel secure.

At Van den Nagel Modular Building, we go beyond basic functionality. We also offer expansion options, such as stairs, elevators, and platforms, to ensure that your building meets all your needs, even with growth or changes in the future.

With our modular building system, we not only offer an innovative approach to construction but also a sustainable, flexible, and safe solution for a wide range of construction projects.

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