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At Van den Nagel Modular Construction, we believe in sustainable building and continuously strive for innovative solutions to provide our customers with the highest quality and most efficient construction methods. We work with prefabricated modules that are produced in the factory and assembled on-site to create complete buildings.

Work together

Together, we are building a better future with sustainability at its core. We believe that pooling our expertise, ideas, and energy leads to innovative solutions.

Think Sustainable

Sustainability is at the heart of our company. We place great importance on reducing our ecological footprint and creating a positive impact on the environment.

Build Modular

With our expertise and experience in this innovative construction method, we offer flexible and efficient solutions for various projects.

Think sustainable

At Van den Nagel Modular Building, we strive for sustainability in every phase of our process. Our products, such as energy-neutral buildings, are designed using the latest technologies. Solar panels, heat pumps, and energy storage ensure that our buildings are self-sufficient.

Our operational practices also prioritize sustainability. We operate fully digitally, reducing paper consumption and requiring fewer personnel. Additionally, we manufacture our buildings in the factory, minimizing nitrogen emissions on the construction site. Our established processes ensure that we minimize environmental pollution and costs due to errors.

Modulair Bouwen - Zeewolde

Build Modulair

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Our modular buildings originate in Barneveld, the Netherlands, with the import of steel profiles from across Europe. Thanks to strong supplier relationships, we ensure quality and closely monitor the condition of all materials such as steel, glass, and concrete.

Steel processing

We custom-cut imported steel according to specifications, sandblast it to SA 2.5 standards to remove rust, weld steel profiles into skeleton frames, apply a protective primer, and add steel grids to the floor frames for concrete foundations.


After the processing of the steel frames, they are transported to our adjacent concrete factory. There, floor frames are placed on molds and cast with special concrete. The formwork can be removed after just one day.


After completing the skeleton, they are transported to a nearby production hall for interior finishing. Along a production line, they undergo various steps, including insulation, plumbing, and electrical installation, before ending up at the loading docks.


Traditional home construction often involves a long period between completion and habitability. Our modular approach significantly shortens this time. After connecting electricity and water, only cleaning and furniture placement remain.


In conventional home construction, there can sometimes be a significant gap between the completion of the building and actual habitability. However, our approach to modular construction streamlines the finishing process. Once the electrical and water supply is established after unit placement, only a final cleaning round and furniture placement remain.

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