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Modular homes with the aim of achieving a lifelong lifespan. Circular housing solutions are necessary and indispensable for future construction projects.

Modulair Bouwen Zeewolde
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About Van den Nagel Modular Building

At Van den Nagel Modular Building, we believe in sustainable building and always seek innovative solutions to provide our clients with the highest quality and most efficient construction methods.

We work with prefabricated modules produced in the factory and assembled on-site to form complete buildings.

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At Van den Nagel Modular Building, we strive for sustainability in every phase of our process. Our products, such as energy-neutral buildings, are designed using the latest technologies. Solar panels, heat pumps, and energy storage ensure that our buildings are self-sufficient.

Our operational practices also prioritize sustainability. We operate fully digitally, reducing paper consumption and requiring fewer personnel. Additionally, we manufacture our buildings in the factory, minimizing nitrogen emissions on the construction site. Our established processes ensure that we minimize environmental pollution and costs due to errors.

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