Modular Building is Sustainable Building

Discover the power of modular construction with our flexible and efficient solutions for various projects.

Modulair bouwen Zeewolde

Modular Building Zeewolde

This project consists of three buildings that together form a community of 90 residential units. Our innovative modular building is the beating heart of this project, where speed, sustainability, and comfort come together.

Modulair bouwen Waalwijk

Modular Building Waalwijk

This project comprises four modern buildings that together form a beautiful community of 112 residential units. What makes this project so special is the modular building that offers speed, sustainability, and comfort.

Modulair bouwen Hierden

Modular Building Hierden

A project located in the wooded surroundings of Hierden. This unique project includes 28 modular, charming bungalows, which together form a thriving community of 56 residential units.

Modular Building for the Future

At Van den Nagel Modular Building, we strive for sustainability in every phase of our process. Our products, such as energy-neutral buildings, are designed with the latest technologies. Solar panels, heat pumps, and energy storage ensure that our buildings are self-sufficient.

Van den Nagel Modulaire Bouw
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Market segments


As a governmental institution, you are responsible for creating suitable housing for various target groups within your municipality or region.


For refugees, finding suitable housing is an important step in building a new life in the Netherlands. Van den Nagel Modular Building is here to assist with this transition.


As an investor, you want to realize profitable projects with minimal risks. Modular construction offers excellent opportunities for fast construction times and cost control.

Student Housing

Whether it’s a temporary student campus or permanent student accommodation, Van den Nagel offers solutions that meet your specific needs.

Migrant Workers

At Van den Nagel, we understand the importance of safe and comfortable living space for employees from other countries.


Our modular building provide flexibility and quick execution, allowing schools to fulfill their space requirements within tight deadlines.

Van den Nagel Modulaire Bouw

Faster and cleaner construction

Modular homes with the aim of: a lifelong lifespan. Circular housing solutions are necessary and indispensable for future construction projects.

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